MIMSKOH REVIEWS | ‘Take Me to Church EP’ by Hozier

Hozier is a singer, songwriter, musician from Dublin whose exceptional vocals and unparalleled poetic lyrics inflict a whirlwind of emotions. On his recently released EP Take Me to Church, Hozier sings of the ups & downs of love in a novel & passionate style that emphasizes his powerful vocals.

This 4-track EP is an eventful listen from beginning to end. But personally, the title track & “Cherrywine” are my favorites. Both are dynamic in their own ways. “Take Me to Church” is a stirring preface to the album. It starts of bold with an excitement that extends to the very last note, leaving you eager to hit the replay button.

The song “Cherrywine” takes a personal route & exposes heartrending lyrics over a calm acoustic guitar. This song particularly stole my attention because of it’s untouched, and sometimes sensitive nature. It turns out that my version was recorded at 6am on an abandoned hotel rooftop. How awesome it that?

With the help of producer Rob Kirwan (Ray LaMontagne, Depeche Mode, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart), Take Me to Church easily became one of the most powerful albums I’ve listened to in a while.

Listen to “Take Me to Church” & “Cherrywine”below or click here more music from Hozier.

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