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The Feral Conservatives is an indie-rock duo that aims for an eclectic sound. Drawing influences from Sonic Youth & The Cranberries, their music strongly displays qualities of noise rock with hints of experimental rock & dream pop. The use of the mandolin brings an entirely different element to their sound the easily becomes favorable. Recently, I got a chance to ask the Feral Conservatives about their music. Here’s what they had to say:

How did you come up with your name?

Mostly a joke–our old singer wanted to call the band “The Dead Effs.” When we asked what the hell that meant, he said “It’s for people who use the F-WORD too much.” I guess he wanted them all to die. So I countered what to call someone who doesn’t say “fuck” enough: The Fucking Conservatives was our original band name. We censored it to sell out for mass appeal. And for our parents. I also really liked being a rock n roll band with “conservatives” in the name. It’s the opposite of edgy.

How did you meet?

We met in a church worship band (I was on drums and Rashie played bass). I was in a band short a bassist and Rashie’s playing was great and her Facebook had good music listed. It was a match and the band was born from that.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

Our main influence is 80’s and 90’s college rock and alternative. There was a certain mix of beauty and darkness even to the radio music of the area, and the female fronted bands then had more of a rock, sometimes terrifying, sometimes very sweet appeal, more so than the gimmick it’s become today. Duo’s like Japandroids really inspire our live sound, and the eclecticism of band’s like Arcade Fire.

What makes your music unique?

The obvious answer is probably the use of the mandolin and how far we push that sound. I definitely feel like we push it beyond the normal folk and Americana restraints typical of its timber and use, although we appreciate and imply a traditional approach on songs as well. I think it’s really the dualities we present: beauty and heavy, distorted and acoustic, folk and punk, etc.

 Those pairings make for an interesting listening experience throughout their debut LP, Break & Mends. “Recycled Parts” is one example of aggressive guitar riffs paired with airy vocals, reminiscent of The Cranberries. While “Captivated” takes a calmer approach, featuring just a piano & solid vocals, the song is beautiful and reminds me of music by Ingrid Michaelson. Their music is unique to say that least and we look forward to hearing more from The Feral Conservatives.

Check out the music video for their single “Can’t Do This”.

“Can’t Do This” is from Break & Mends by Feral Conservatives, available now through Bandcamp.

Like what you hear? Like their page on Facebook & follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on their new releases,

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