Blood Cultures – “Indian Summer”

Originally posted on SONISCOPE:

Regrettably it’s only a short one today due to various reasons, but to be fair there is little to go on as it is with this debut track from enigmatic New Jersey artist Blood Cultures.

Hardly any information has been released about this artist at all which only tantalises further – especially when considering how fluid and captivating the track itself is. Indian Summer lures one in with gentle guitar riffs, before whisking the whole song aloft through uplifting melodies  and echoing vocals,

80’s throwback dream-pop seems to be experiencing a surge in popularity in recent weeks, as noted by the buzz surrounding it  on multitudinous blogging sites.  Something as pleasant and catchy as Indian Summer, however, will have a hard time not getting noticed by the pricked ears of those attempting to find the next big sound.

Until then, we shall await patiently for the future sounds…

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