Playlisting: Last Week’s Best

We’re at that great part of the year when many artists are gearing up to release their new albums in preparation for their Fall tours. There has been lots of good albums floating out in the blogosphere but personally, I’m looking forward to Alt-J‘s This Is All Yours. So of course the song of the week is, “Every Other Freckle” with The Chainsmokers “KANYE” as a close second.

Listen to both of these singles plus 8 other releases including new music by Jessie Ware, Bastille & Sufjan Stevens above.

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“KANYE ft. Siren” by The Chainsmokers

On their follow-up to #SELFIE, The Chainsmokers have taken to celebrate the image of a popular icon, Kanye West. “KANYE ft. Siren” is another addictive, feel-good anthem. One that’s likely to spur the same type of worldwide fame as it’s predecessor. “This isn’t about him, or anything he has done, LETS BE VERY CLEAR ABOUT THAT!”, says the duo on their Soundcloud page. “It’s about taking what Kanye idealistically represents and turning his name into an adjective. This song is about doing you, living life how you want to live it and not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks.

Play the full song here.

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Playlisting: Top Songs from July 6th – July 13th

#songoftheweek: My Song 5 ft. A$AP Ferg by HAIM

It’s been one hell of a week. The Kooks released their first single in 3 years, Wale teamed with Long Beach’s Marce Reazon and Pro Reese on his new single and A$AP Ferg adds some sick verses to HAIM’s “My Song 5”.

Haim’s debut album, Days Are Gone, was one of the most impressive albums of 2013. This week, A$AP Ferg takes one of the least Haim-esque songs on the album and gives it the attention it deserves. “My Song 5” is the under-appreciated, black sheep on the Days Are Gone. It goes against Haim’s 70’s alt-rock inspired sound, and showcases more hip-hop influences, a vibe that A$AP Ferg takes it to a new level.

Listen to the single above, then check out this list of my favorite songs from last week!

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Playlisting: Top Songs from 6/22 – 6/29

#SongOfTheWeek: “Two Weeks” by FKA Twigs

This week, FKA Twigs released “Two Weeks”, a soulful single from her debut studio album, LP1. Accompanied by the song was an enchanting video in which FKA Twigs portrays a goddess, while her clones perform in the background. Both unconventional and beautiful, the video is nothing short of the creative genius we’ve grown to expect from her.

I’ve been a fan of FKA Twigs for some time now and “Two Weeks” takes her music-style to new heights. The ambient, PBR&B sound is still there but the rhythm feels reminiscent of 90’s R&B. When watching this video, Aaliyah immediately comes to mind. And I love it!

Watch it above. Then check out my favorite songs from last week including new music from SIA, Grimes, The Weeknd & EDM veterans, Basement Jaxx.

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My Top Indian/Pakistani Songs

I love Bollywood songs as much as I hate the movies. So I decided to give you a guys a little taste of some of the stuff I love. There are a lot of songs to choose from and it was hard to exclude some of them even though I listen to them almost every day. I tried to include a diverse selection but I am not sure if I was very successful. Hope you enjoy listening to the songs as much as I do!

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Clean Bandit – New Eyes – Album Review

“New Eyes” Is the Debut Album of the UK based band Clean Bandit, comprised of classical musicians Grace Chatto and Milan Neil Amin-Smith (Cello and Violin respectively) along with Jack and Luke Patterson. Released on 2nd of June in the UK and 17th in the US, the album follows the singles chart success of their February UK #1 “Rather Be.”

In their first album, Chatto and Amin-Smith’s string samples are woven amongst pounding electronic beats and the vocal efforts of an entire legion of emerging talent (seriously, this album has given me an entire month of ideas for the facebook page! ). Musically the overall effect is catchy while at the same time very smart. And although the lyrics leave a little to be desired at times and the sometimes “too CASIO” tone probably wouldn’t satisfy many true Dance music connoisseurs, the album is entertaining, unusual and intelligently executed. Stand out tracks include the new single “Extraordinary,” “Mozart’s House,” “Come over,” “Dust Clears” and of course “Rather Be” while the quality dips a little at “New Eyes” and “Cologne.”

Overall “New Eyes” is a great first album showing stacks of potential, there are creative ideas, obvious talent and some fantastic tracks. And while there is room for improvement it only leaves the listener eager to see in which direction their sound will evolve.


Playlisting: Top Songs from 6/8 – 6/15

#songoftheweek: “Hunger of the Pine” by alt-J

Today, Alt-J released a new song from their upcoming album, This Is All Yours. Almost 2 years ago I fell in love with their debut album, ‘An Awesome Wave’. With every song being as powerful as the last, ‘An Awesome Wave’ was nothing short of indie-rock perfection.

Alt-J keeps the relaxed yet powerful tones on their new single “Hunger Of The Pine”, with a surprising twist. That singer you hear at the 1:30 minute mark is Miley Cyrus. Impressive huh? Despite how you feel about her, fans of Alt-J can’t deny that this is the kind of song that makes two years well worth the wait.

Check it out above, then list to my top favorite songs from this past week; including new music from Young Rising Sons, BROODS & Jessie Ware.


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IMG_20140608_191907 (2)

Playlisting: Top Songs from 06/01 – 06/08

#songoftheweek – Beyond Illusion by Clap Your Hands Say

During my weekly browse through Bandcamp, I came across what has become one of my favorite songs of the summer. “Beyond Illusion” is one of the songs from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s newest album, Only Run. This Philly-based band first made their debut back in 2005 with a self-titled album that was named one of NPR’s 50 Most Important Recordings of the Decade.

Now, 9 years, 3 albums and many member replacements later, the band is still pushing on and managed to release such a great album, “Beyond Illusion” may not be a single from the album but it is definitely on my list of favorites along with “Coming Down”, which features vocals from Matt Berninger from The National.

Then, check out a playlist  of my favorite songs from this past week including music from James Bay, Panama Wedding, Disclosure and Noosa.