“Caustic Love” Aiming Straight for the Heart!

Who is this Paolo Nutini?

Let me give you guys an overview. He’s an Italian-Scottish singer/songwriter, with two award winning albums under his belt, “These Streets” [2006] and “Sunny Side Up” [2009]. His story is quite fascinating. At only 17, he went to a David Sneddon concert in his hometown in Paisely, Scotland. Due to some delays with Sneddon’s arrival, he became the winner of a spontaneous quiz on Sneddon, and was welcomed on the stage to perform some songs. The incredible response from the crowd triggered a music manager in the audience to discover him, prompting him to move to London and start his music career.

He quickly rose to fame, especially in Europe, due to the success of his two albums. However, after his second album, he ended up taking a four-year break. He spent that time with his family, focusing on himself, and sorting out his feelings and emotions explaining how he just needed to get away from it all and live his life in order to find the inspiration he was clearly missing.

“I knew I had to go give myself some time to experience things I could write about, put things into perspective on how I was feeling…For me, music has always been that. I know with my ex, there were a lot of things, feelings I didn’t know how to explain or show how I felt in certain ways. So, instead, I would use music as a route in order to let certain people know how I felt.”

This led to his third album, “Caustic Love,” which was released on Monday. This incredible comeback is said to “undoubtedly [be] the most anticipated record of the year,” as mentioned by DailyMail, with it’s stunning world-weary vocals and its soul-sultry sound. You could say this might actually be his coming-of-age album due to its level of maturity and brutal honesty with themes of love, freedom, and power.

This live performance of his single, “Iron Sky,” off his new record is currently my new obsession so I hope you guys enjoy and appreciate Nutini for his lyrical ingeniousness as I do.

And we’ll rise, Over love, Over hate, Through this iron sky that’s fast becoming our mind. Over fear and into freedom…You’ve just got to hold on…”


image: PaoloNutini.com

is clear from as early as second track Let Me Down Easy that Nutini is breaking new ground on Caustic Love, with the soulful, sultry number providing the perfect template for his world-weary vocals. In fact, the LP has much in common with the late Amy Winehouse – another artist who was know for her soulful sound and distinctive vocals. Take slow-burner One Day, for example, which sounds like it could have easily appeared on Back To Black.
Read more at http://www.musicomh.com/reviews/albums/paolo-nutini-caustic-love#ebGFuVJqsiukPD1Y.99
It is clear from as early as second track Let Me Down Easy that Nutini is breaking new ground on Caustic Love, with the soulful, sultry number providing the perfect template for his world-weary vocals. In
Read more at http://www.musicomh.com/reviews/albums/paolo-nutini-caustic-love#ebGFuVJqsiukPD1Y.99
It is clear from as early as second track Let Me Down Easy that Nutini is breaking new ground on Caustic Love, with the soulful, sultry number providing the perfect template for his world-weary vocals. In
Read more at http://www.musicomh.com/reviews/albums/paolo-nutini-caustic-love#ebGFuVJqsiukPD1Y.99
with the soulful, sultry number providing the perfect template for his world-weary vocals
Read more at http://www.musicomh.com/reviews/albums/paolo-nutini-caustic-love#ebGFuVJqsiukPD1Y.99
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Record Collecting A Man’s Game?

At Vinyl Tap, I am responsible for the companies social media presence. As a result of this, I see admin tools which show statistics relating to our customer base.

This week I decided to look further in to our Facebook admin tools to try to find out what our customer base consists of and I noticed something that I probably should have noticed before from simply seeing people in store. Our customer base is MASSIVELY dominated by men.

Read the rest of this article at AJSFAD.


Playlisting: Top Ten Songs from 4/06 – 4/13

#SongoftheWeek: Taken by Young Summer

Young Summer (aka Bobbie Allen) is an amazing singer/songwriter out of the DC area. There is something special about her music that cuts deep and leaves listeners wanting more. Lucky for us, there have been rumors of an album set to be released later this year; and if it’s anything like ‘Taken’, then we know we’re in for a treat.

Check out ten of our favorite songs from last week, including  new music from The Roots, Lana Del Rey and Disclosure.



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BECK – morning phase – Album Review

This album has caused quite a stir since coming out in February. It was released in very limited numbers on vinyl and has quickly become a collectable item. Many have appeared on eBay and some stores sold out just on pre orders alone. I only managed to get a copy myself because a colleague at work ordered one online as a fail safe in case he couldn’t get one in store only for both avenues to come off and so I was offered the spare. How could I refuse?

Beck has produced an absolute masterpiece here. It is completely different in sound to his previous work but die hard beck fans shouldn’t be put off as it is superb from star to finish. I always find it impressive when a well established, older artist, can reinvent there sound or mature their sound with ease. Beck has moved from the quirky rock pop of his previous work to beautiful, melodic, orchestral and moving pieces.

Read the rest of this article at THE AJSFAD.



#Song of The Week: “Monotronic” by Museum Of Love

Former LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney, proves that he can be just as good of a performer as a singer in Museum of Love. In this new project, Mahoney collaborates with Dennis McNany(aka. Jee Day) and produces this mid-tempo song featuring delicate vocals and a rhythms that slowly climb to it’s eruptive end.

Watch the video above then check out a playlist of our favorite songs from this week featuring Chrome Sparks, Cut Copy & Palace!

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Playlisting: Ben Pethybridge’s 20 All-Time Favourites

It seems all of us contributors are going to make a playlist of our 20 all time favourite songs. This was much more challenging than I had originally thought. I’ve had to make some very tough decisions. Chief among my regrets are the lack of any proper Electronic, and the fact i had to make the impossible choice…. The Smiths or Joy Division?

In the end i decided to go with the songs that stuck out the most. These are the songs that I remember exactly where I was on hearing for the first time. Or those that I wouldn’t notice on a long album, but then found myself putting on first when I put my iPod on shuffle. They are the ones I sing badly in the shower because I know every word. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

image via Flickr


PLAYLISTING: Top Ten Songs From 3/23 – 3/29

#SongOfTheWeek: “Hideaway” by Kiesza

Kiesza is a Canadian singer/songwriter, who’s debut single “Hideaway” easily became a favorite for electro-pop fans everywhere.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Kiesza spent most of her youth practicing ballet then joined the Canadian army in her later years. Luckily for us she traded in the camo for a microphone and produced this gem.

The video for “Hideaway” is equally impressive as her vocal skills. Recorded in one continuous shot, the clip shows Kiesza dancing as she trades off trades off partners down a street in New York.

Watch the video above then check out 9 of our favorite songs from March 23rd – March 29th,  featuring tracks from Sam Smith, Craft Spells, Black Keys and IYES.

image via Soundcloud



Last October, siblings Caleb and Georgia Nott from Aukland, New Zealand, had finished working together on a single they wrote, sang, and produced called “Bridges.” They decided to post it on SoundCloud to share it with their friends and family. Needless to say, within a couple days it went viral through international blog postings…which eventually led them to become the pop/indie music duo BROODS.

It takes a lot for me to be musically drawn and attached to a certain artists because I’m very particular. I take into account the voice, the lyrics, and also the musical composition. I guess you can say I’m hard to please. But let me just say, I instantly fell in love with BROODS. They have it all.

They released their debut single “Bridges” from their self-titled album BROODS and when I listen to it, it makes me stop in my tracks. Her angelic fragile voice and the track arrangement is like like… something deep fried and smothered in chocolate and caramel maybe? I give ya’ll permission to  judge me if you want for that one. The EP album has something very unique you don’t find often in the music industry these days… and that’s the lyrical ingeniousness it encompasses along with flawless vocals.

Anyways, they’ve been recently signed with music label, Capitol Records, and well as Polydor. They’ve been working with world-famous and Grammy award-winning producer, Joel Little, who has also produced Lorde’s debut album, “Pure Heroine.” They’ve come a long way really fast and will be releasing their debut official album by the end of the summer.

“Bridges” for me is an incredibly composed track which meshes together lyrics and composition…

“And we’re burning all the bridges now/ ‘Cause it was sink or swim/ and I went down, down, down…,” Georgia whispers, as the music composed by her brother, Caleb, brings her back up to the surface forcing her to swim.

I hope you guys like enjoy and appreciate the BROODS as I do. It’s gonna be a big year for them I can feel it. Here’s a playlist of their EP.

image: Facebook


XX▲N▲XX – “Stay”

XX▲N▲XX, a polish duo based in Warsaw, may not be a popular name in the chillwave/indie scene but “Stay” may change all of that.

This track adds a new perspective to the emerging musical style of soulful vocals layered on a trance-like beat, much like music from The Weeknd, or BANKS. This duo also has some pretty solid song-writing skills too. Hopefully, we can expect a debut album from them sometime in the near future :)

image via Facebook



Cosmo- 4 (low res)

Cosmo Sheldrake – “The Moss”

“The Moss” is the new single by the Multi-instrumentalist Cosmo Sheldrake.  Based in Brighton UK,  Sheldrake is a composer and producer who has written for both film and theatre. In addition he has already supported Bombay Bicycle club and Johnny Flynn in concert.

“The Moss” is a particular mixture of catchy and complex, with nostalgic lyrics evoking Lewis Carroll, laid over syncopated rhythms.  Armed with a loop pedal and three or four of the twenty-something instruments he  can play,  Sheldrake uses a string and woodwind chorus to create an indie folk lullaby in this, his debut single.

Cosmo Sheldrake is releasing “The Moss” under paradYse/Transgressive records on 21st April.


The Language Don’t Bother Me Anyway

There’s a popular saying. a smile is the same in every language, I like to think that the same goes for music. There’s an indescribable feeling that we get when we find a perfect song. It doesn’t have to be in English, or in any other language we may speak…it’s the music that creates passion & a feeling, much like any other song I love.

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PLAYLISTING: Top Ten Songs from 03/16 – 03/22

#SongoftheWeek: “Chandelier” by Sia

“Chandelier” is the newest song from Sia, and the first in almost 4 years! Instead of releasing music of her own, Sia Furler has lended her talents to other pop artists like Rihanna, Britney Spears, Ne-Yo and Beyonce.

Lucky for us, she’s returning to the microphone. Late last year she announced that she was finishing up her sixth album and now, we finally have a taste of it. “Chandelier” is catchy, and explosive. The lyrics scream of freedom and living everyday as if it was your last. Listen to it above! Then check out 10 of our favorite songs from last week.  Enjoy ;)

image via SoundCloud


PLAYLISTING: Top Ten Songs from 3/02 – 3/08

Song of The Week – “Money On My Mind (Sam Smith Cover)” by Misterwives

The Misterwives cover of Sam Smith‘s “Money On My Mind” is an  indie-pop masterpiece that even Sam Smith would love. Lead singer, Mandy Lee, sings over maracas, drums and piano, stripping the song down to it’s lyrics, vocals and simple sounds.  Listen and download above!

Then check out a playlist of  10 of our favorite songs from March 2nd to March 8th below, which includes tracks by Son LuxErik Hassle, SLK and Olympic Ayres. Enjoy!

image via Misterwives.com


SLK – “Be”

SLK (pronounced “Silk”) is a London based Singer/Songwriter fresh from the late 2013 success of her debut single “Ride.” Working once more with producer Embody, SLK released the second offering from her upcoming EP on February 4th. It is currently available for download on Soundcloud.

On “Be” SLK’s haunting vocals offer the perfect contrast to the darker waves of bass and synth. This, and the emotive lyrics give the song a delightful bittersweet feeling. The production is beautiful and does a fantastic job of bringing the complexities of the track together. Overall “Be” is a great 2nd single and cements SLK’s place as an artist to watch for 2014.

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PLAYLISTING: Top Ten Songs from 02/23 – 03/01

Song of the Week – “Iron Sky” by Paolo Nutini

For the first time in nearly 5 years, Paolo Nutini will be releasing a new record! Just this past week he gave fans a glimpse into third studio album, Caustic Love. This passionate performance of “Iron Sky” was praised by some well-regarded musicians including Adele, who took to twitter to let her fans know that it was “…the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life hands down.” Watch the beautiful performance, recorded live from Abbey Road, above.

Plus, check out some other popular tracks from last week including HAIM‘s cover of XO by Beyonce, an epic song by M83 from the Divergent film OST and a bonus track on PANAMA‘s Always EP.

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PLAYLISTING: The Top Ten Songs from 02/16 – 02/22

Song of the Week: “From Eden” by Hozier

After the international success if Kodaline’s self-produced album and Hozier’s debut EP, there no doubt that the Irish music scene is thriving and better than ever. “From Eden”, the latest from Hozier, offers a relaxing and expressive alternative to the electronic rhythms that seem to flood the airwaves. Couple Hozier’s signature vocals with his exceptional way of playing the guitar and you end up with this resonating song.

Watch Hozier’s live performance of “From Eden” above. Then check out 10 of Mimskoh’s favorite songs from this week.


[DOWNLOAD] “Think Bout You” – The Night VI + Live Show Announcements

Seven months after their indie-rock gem, “Thinking Of You”, The Night VI has returned with their version of Frank Ocean’s 2012 hit, “Thinkin’ Bout You”. The vocals are soulfully strong, and the choice of a female lead gives the song an entirely new feel. Listen and download below.

In addition to giving this song to their fans for free, The Night VI have announced a string of performances throughout England, including a couple of festivals. See if your city made the list.

Live Dates:
February 28th - The Night VI Clubnight - Stoke Newington ‘secret venue’
March 19th- Single release with Duly Noted (indie label) ‘Sienna’ @ Birthdays
March 22nd – Gig @ Boilerroom in Guilford
April 6th– Gig @ Communion Night at Notting Hill Arts Club in London
April 25th - The Night VI Clubnight II - Stoke Newington ‘secret venue’
April 26th – Festival @ Are You Listening Festival in Reading
July 22nd – Blue Balls Festival in Switzerland

PLAYLISTING: Top Ten Songs 02/09 – 02/15

Song of the Week: “All Alone” by Viz///e

Viz///e is a musician based in San Diego, California. “On his latest single, ‘All Alone’, Viz///e creates an alternate world, one in which the listener is instantly transported into world of vibrant electro-beats elevated by atmospheric vocals. With the help of singer Audrey Bankhead and producer Kieth Milgaten, “All Alone” develops into indie-pop gold!”  Check out our interview with Viz///e here.

This week in music The Knocks finally released their 4 track album, Comfortable, featuring a collaboration with Wes Miles of Ra Ra Riot. The Weeknd remixes ‘Drunk In Love’ & Odesza is back with a pop-centric track featuring Madelyn Grant, plus much more!

Listen to the ten best songs of 02/09 – 02/15 below:


MIMSKOH EXCLUSIVE: “All Alone” by Viz///e

picBased out of San Diego, California is a musician with an eclectic sound to be reckoned with. Erik Visnyak participated in many bands before settling on his newest solo project under the name Viz///e. On his latest single “All Alone”, Viz///e creates an alternate world, one in which the listener is instantly transported into world of vibrant electro-beats elevated by atmospheric vocals. With the help of singer Audrey Bankhead and producer Kieth Milgaten, “All Alone” develops into indie-pop gold!

After listening to the single I had so many questions. “Who is this guy? Where can I find more music like this?” Luckily, I got a chance to talk with Erik about his music and his future projects.

‘All Alone’ has a very eclectic sound. It seems like you pulled traits from many different genres. Where do you find your inspiration?
I pull inspiration from life experiences, watching films, politics and of course listening to other musical artists. I really enjoy an array of genres from pop to metal to electronic and those elements creep their way into the music. My friend Paul Foreman, has a wonderful project called The Warmth in Chicago that is so dynamic, experimental and inspirational. I was introduced to a bedroom project from Shane Reed called Cosmo Speedway which has an incredible, intelligent, and richly produced album that you can just fall into. The Championship out of Milwaukee have such a talent for writing amazing southern rock songs with excellent insightful lyrics. These are just a few of the many talented artists out there that I draw inspiration from.

Tell me about more ‘All Alone’…
All Alone was produced by Keith Milgaten out of Brooklyn New York. He used to live in San Diego and is one of the most talented musicians I’ve worked with. All Alone was the first track we worked on for viz///e and it’s been so amazing to just watch him work on a song. I learned so much just from observing him really polish and punch up the music. He’s one hell of a producer and I’m really glad I get to work with him. He’s also an extremely talented DJ called Keith Sweaty. His SoundCloud page is frequently updated with endless remixes and mixtapes that are top notch.

Audrey Bankhead supplied the additional vocals on the song and she is an amazing vocalist. She actually performs vocals on 9 of the 11 tracks on the LP and is truly one of the core contributing members on viz///e. Both Audrey and Keith have been so instrumental in really elevating the songs across the viz///e record.

The song revolves around the subject of loneliness and how one might deal with the pressures of prolonged isolation. But I really want listeners to take their own interpretations of the lyrics and relate them to their own experiences.

What inspired “All Alone”?
I was living in a part of North Virginia back in 2003 for a couple years and at first I really didn’t know many people or have any family in the area. It was pretty hard at first going from a comfortable environment where you know many friends to somewhere completely new with zero people to connect with. It forced me to appreciate being by myself. I finally met some amazing people in Virginia/Washington D.C. that are still family to me but those experiences really helped me grow as a person and I think I’d be a completely different person if I didn’t have those experiences in my life.

Viz///e’s self titled album, “Viz///e” is now available on CD Baby, Itunes, Amazon. His plans for the profits speak to the humanist in all of us.  “I’m donating half of the proceeds to two very important charities: Doctors Without Borders and World Wildlife Fund,” says Erik. “I’m hoping I can connect with people through music but also contribute positively to the world that we live in.”

ellie-goulding-angel-haze (1)

PLAYLISTING: Top Ten Songs from 02/02 – 02/08

Song Of The Week: “Life Round Here ft Angel Haze” by Ellie Goulding (James Blake Cover)

Lately, James Blake’s songs by have been popular choices for covers by pop artists(check out Lorde’s version of “Retrograde“). Honestly, who can blame them. James Blake has a talent for pushing that “lighter-than-air” feeling through his music. All the while he keeps the rhythm moving by contrasting heavy bass with airy vocals.

This week, Ellie Goulding released a cover of the already perfect track, “Life Round Here” from James Blake’s second studio album, Overgrown. Angel Haze joins Goulding by adding her impressive interpretation of the song. It’s refreshing to hear two very different artists collaborate on such a powerful track.

This Top Ten features many collaborations between other popular artists. Pharrell joins with Major Lazer on a dancehall infused track. Four Tet teams up with Jamie xx and The Knocks recruit Sneaky Sound System on their newest release.

Listen to the Top 10 Songs from Feb. 02 – Feb. 08 below:

the hunt

RUN THE JEWELS by Killer Mike – Album Review


Happy new year everyone! It’s 2014 and so I wanted to make my first review of the year a good one and it hasn’t taken long for 2014 to produce some brilliance. Technically this album has been around for a while now and was first released as a free digital download in June 2013 but this is the first time it has been physically released and so for me qualifies as a 2014 release.

Run The Jewels are a Hip-Hop duo consisting of Killer Mike, known for his previous work with OutKast and his own solo stuff, and El-P a Brooklyn based Hip-Hop producer known for his work on the underground scene. They first collaborated on Killer Mike’s solo album R.A.P Music which was produced by El-P.

Read more here.


PLAYLISTING: Top 10 Tracks from 01/25-02/01

Song of the Week – “Brain” by BANKS

BANKS is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Her style has been categorized as “dark R&B”, similar to that of The Weeknd. But her soulful voice has been compared to artists like Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill. Equally as lyrically-sound and catchy as her previous singles, “Brain” starts off calm then gradually builds into an emotion-filled chant. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything new from BANKS since the LONDON EP but “Brain” definitely delivers.

Like what you hear? Here are some other popular releases from last week


the hunt

The ajsBest of 2013!


This time of year is pretty manic isn’t it? You may have noticed I haven’t blogged in awhile and it isn’t because I haven’t got anything to blog about it’s simply that I haven’t had time. I apologise for that but here I am on the very last day of 2013 to look back at what has been a very good year for music.

So here are my top 25 albums of the year. Keep in mind that this is only my opinion, I realise you probably won’t agree on all of them and I would love to hear what you think I have missed out on or what you feel really shouldn’t be on the list. Also note that, although presented in list format, there is no actual order to the list as I don’t like to rank them. Tried to keep it brief too or just linked previous album reviews if I’ve done one.

View the rest of Adam’s list at: http://ajsfad.wordpress.com/2014/01/01/the-ajsbest-of-2013/



It has been another impressive week in music. Hilarious duo Seth Rogen & James Franco did a spoof of Kanye’s “Bound 2″; Diplo reworks a Grizzly Bear track and The Pixies are back on tour!

Of course I have to start with the Franco-Rogen spoof. If you haven’t seen the “Bound 2″ music video by Kanye West then let me give you the run-down. Basically, it features Kanye on a motorcycle, scenery of mountains & horses and a naked Kim Kardashian.

On the set of The Interview, Seth Rogen (as Kim Kardashian) & James Franco(as Kanye West) re-enact the music video, shot for shot. Literally.

Recently, The Pixies have come under scrutiny for the quality of their newest releases. Regardless, they’ve decided to hit the road again. This past week they played at Glasgow’s Barrowlands. They seemed to stay away from performing much of their newer tracks but hits like “Hey” & “Where Is My Mind?” got their play time & encouraged fan involvement. So in honor of their return to the road, here is “Where Is My Mind”.

Check out some other songs that kept us buzzing all week.

“Whorehouse” by CEO

“Me” by The 1975

“Crash” by Adventure Club

“Will Calls [Diplo Remix]” by Grizzly Bear

“1988″ by Boys Noize & Housemeister

“Drop The Game” by Flume & Chet Faker

“Stand Still (feat. Micky Green)” by Flight Facilities



Playlisting | Last Week In Music: 11/10 – 11/16

It’s  been a busy week in music! M83 released a song from the French film ‘You And The Night’; LORDE gave us a look into the highly anticipated, ‘Catching Fire’ soundtrack & Saint Motel releases a companion to “My Type” (which can be pre-ordered on 7” here).
Meanwhile,  FEMME is over in London, releasing heart-shaped vinyls and there’s a James Blake and Chance the Rapper remix floating around the internet!

Here are 14 songs from the past week that you’re bound to remember. We even sprinkled a few newer artists in there to spice up the list.

Check back on Tuesday for a MIMSKOH Review of Jensen Sportag’s Stealth of Days.

“Bedroom Wall” by BANKS

“Something Right” by Lincoln Jesser [FREE DOWNLOAD]

“We Are Explorers” by Cut Copy

“Rewinding” by Elderbrook

“Life Round Here ft Chance the Rapper” by James Blake

“Where We Started ft. Jessica Sophie” by KAASI

“Secrets ft The Weeknd” by Jr. Hi

“The Greatest View ft. Isabella Manfredi” by Flume

“Up Today” by Julia Lofelt

“Heartbeat” by Femme

“What’s Wrong With That” by Sol Cat

“Ace In The Hole” by Saint Motel

“Ali & Matthias” by M83

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by LORDE

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Enough can’t be said about ’s Bikini Daze EP. Since we covered MØ’s collaboration with Diplo, we’ve been waiting restlessly for the release of this album. And let me be the first to say that it was well worth the wait.

is a Danish electro-pop artist whose technique has been compared to that of Twin Shadow, Purity Ring, Grimes and Lana Del Rey. She has worked with Diplo (XXX 88) and Avicii (Dear Boy) & her 2012 single “Pilgrim” peaked at #11 on Tracklisten, a Danish Top 40 records chart.

Though we wished for MØ’s previous hits “Waste of Time”, “Pilgrim” & “Glass” to be on this album, the 4-track EP features two of her 2013 singles Never Wanna Know and “XXX 88”- plus, two new tracks “Freedom #1” & “Dark Night”.

It’s not enough to say that MØ is a talented artist & singer. She’s also well versed in diversifying her style. “XXX 88” and “Dark Knight” are the bouncy tracks on the EP. Whereas, “Freedom #1” and “Never Wanna Know” are the softer tracks where she sometimes reminds me of Lana Del Rey.

Bikini Daze EP features the best of ’s talent, her ability to create fun, poppy rhythms while never letting you forget that she has an awesome voice to back her talents.

Watch “XXX 88” & “Never Wanna Know” here!

Like what you hear? Head over to MØ’s Tumblr to listen to more music from this artist!


MIMSKOH REVIEWS | ‘Lanterns’ by Son Lux

1459815_10151751994622409_1388949883_nSon Lux, (Ryan Lott) has a knack for producing beautifully, orchestral electronic tracks. Every instrument, beat and rhythm seems to have its place and none of them interfere with the influence of the others. Since we first featured “Lost it to Trying” I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Lanterns. In its debut week, Lanterns received raving reviews from NPR, deeming it “…his most arresting album to date.”

After listening to the album once I knew I had to own it on Vinyl. There is something about Lanterns that enchants me. Perhaps it is the post-rock vocals or the experimental synth-pop rhythms. Or maybe it is the combination music styles that establishes a genre of its own. Regardless of the reason, Lanterns seems to cater to even the pickiest of music-lovers.

Son Lux gives you so much to talk about when it comes to trying to decipher how to describe his music. Every explanation requires some variation of “a mix of” or “a combination of”. While it is sometimes strange, the album constantly pushes your idea of what seems right and warps it into sounds that are both fascinating and equally beautiful. It is these hybrid-genre artists that stretch the notions of music to give us all something interesting to love.

Check out “Lost It To Trying” and “No Crimes” below.

Like what you hear? Head over to Bandcamp more from Son Lux!


Playlisting | Last Week In Music: 11/3 – 11/9

Today is the first day of a the “Last Week In Music Series”! Each Sunday we will be featuring a couple songs from the past week that created exciting music buzz among the indie-music blogosphere. Sometimes the songs will be new, sometimes they will be old but one thing is for sure, they will always be good.


“Waves That Rolled You Under” by Young Summer from Fever Dream EP


“Obviously ft. Cherub & Exmag” by Gramatik [FREE DOWNLOAD]


“Holding On for Life” by Broken Bells from After The Disco


“Old Fears” by Stachmode


“Touched” by What So Not [FREE DOWNLOAD]


“Home” by Dan Croll




MIMSKOH REVIEWS | ‘Take Me to Church EP’ by Hozier

Hozier is a singer, songwriter, musician from Dublin whose exceptional vocals and unparalleled poetic lyrics inflict a whirlwind of emotions. On his recently released EP Take Me to Church, Hozier sings of the ups & downs of love in a novel & passionate style that emphasizes his powerful vocals.

This 4-track EP is an eventful listen from beginning to end. But personally, the title track & “Cherrywine” are my favorites. Both are dynamic in their own ways. “Take Me to Church” is a stirring preface to the album. It starts of bold with an excitement that extends to the very last note, leaving you eager to hit the replay button.

The song “Cherrywine” takes a personal route & exposes heartrending lyrics over a calm acoustic guitar. This song particularly stole my attention because of it’s untouched, and sometimes sensitive nature. It turns out that my version was recorded at 6am on an abandoned hotel rooftop. How awesome it that?

With the help of producer Rob Kirwan (Ray LaMontagne, Depeche Mode, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart), Take Me to Church easily became one of the most powerful albums I’ve listened to in a while.

Listen to “Take Me to Church” & “Cherrywine”below or click here more music from Hozier.